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Sleepers Work ‘No Turn Before The Shorline’


We are proud to announce our first release of this new year.  On March 11th we’ll put out the fantastic new LP from Sleepers Work, “No Turn Before The Shoreline”.  Sleepers Work is the project of William Flynn; NY based multi-instrumentalist, composer, youtube enthusiast, dipping ramen advocate…  We first met him when he was playing bass and clarinet with St. Vincent.  He introduced us to the glory of the infamous homeless wizards, The Prigs.  He moved to LA and began doing sound design work, including a collaboration with artist/director Tom Kuntz for his ‘Bugs’ installations which featured reworking material be Lucky Dragons and Dan Deacon.  The two installations premiered at the Sydney Opera House and LA’s Sonos Gallery respectively.  He also worked on this Daft Punk video.

With all this, William is back in NY and thought this was a good time to focus on his record that he’d recorded over the past year or so.  The album is a brilliant reflection of his experiences and personality.  It is sound collage in form and ambient in function, while at the same time being a fairly rhythmically driven album.  It has the murky sound of a Flatbush pirate radio broadcast.  And like everything we think is worth sharing with you, it is brutally honest; the kind of record that brings you joy because you know the person has succeeded in putting to tape every bit of their character.

“No Turn Before The Shoreline” comes out as limited edition vinyl/CD and digital 3/11/14.  Pre-order is up now at our webstore.  Have a listen below.

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