Land of Leland | Home/Away

Track Listing

1. Go Up
2. Since Then
3. Home/Away
4. Summer Song
5. Clarity
6. Daylight Savings
7. Better Man
8. Off the Ropes
9. New Mexico
10. Rabbit


Land of Leland’s Justin Keller has been working under this name for a while. That’s why it’s sort of hard to realize that this is his first proper full length. (At least to us. I’d say his self-titled debut had more the feel of an EP. But, who cares?) These songs have had a life of their own live, and were recorded during a time of transition for Justin. He was living in New York City, then in rural New Hampshire, now he’s a home owner in Beacon, NY. (Well done!) They’re beautiful pop-y songs dealing with getting older, confusion, clarity…all the stuff we all deal with and hate to deal with. Now they are finally seeing the light of day in full form. (Half of the songs were previously available as Home/Away Vol. I) We could sit here and say a bunch more about the tunes, but it’d be best if you just throw on some Sennheiser HD 280’s and listen.