In One Wind


“Blending and often juxtaposing elements of pretty much any genre out there, from Pop to Doo-Wop Jazz, from Americana to Math Rock, and using all sorts of instruments to do so, Brooklyn’s In One Wind can be described as a big musical carousel. This is obviously a group of people belonging to the that category of musicians who are trying to find new musical paths within the pop realm, and these tracks succeed in being at once entertaining and interesting - something too often both pop and experimental music fail to achieve.” - The Deli Magazine

“In One Wind is one of the most inventive and satisfying new bands...The configuration is guitar, three voices (two women, one man), stand-up bass, drums, and various reeds and woodwinds. Its orientation is arty in a way that will later date the group as a phenomenon of Brooklyn in the year 2011, but its music is something more than pretentious. It’s not just gimmicky IT-Dept. pop. The band’s debut album, How Bright a Shadow! is exuberantly experimental, neatly dissonant, multi-textured, peppered with surprise, and almost radical not only for the angularity of its time, but also for its underlying warmth.” - David Hajdu The New Republic